Lebara Money

Send money home in an easy way

Lebara Money is a service targeted on expats which helps them easily send money home across the globe, supporting more than 30 countries.


Create easy to use service for money transfer.

Increase trust so users would be assured about the safety of their money

Promote the main USP: lock the rate today and send money later

We decided to keep transfer money journey as simple as possible, keeping it at three steps:
  1. Choose amount to transfer
  2. Choose
  3. Pay and complete transfer

Complete Send Money user journey

Transfer Widget

Money transfer widget with a clear indication about current rate, amount sends and recipient receives. Currency codes and flags gives an option to choose receivers currency and country.

Landing page designed to explain main features, as well as promote trust and easiness of use

Rate Alerts - secondary flow, designed for customer retention


~2k user base in 4 months and ~10k transfers in 4 months

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