Smart solution to manage clinics personal

Worklinx provides complex solution for workforce management for healthcare and hospitality companies. It consists of a few modules to cover all the aspects of workforce management: schedule optimiser, time & attendance, payroll, human resources, attest, employee self-service, business analytics, mobile, ACA director.

Smartlinx asked us to move platform from legacy technology (flash) to a modern one to decrease further development and support costs. Also it will open ways to optimise app for mobile phones which was one of the biggest requests from their clients.

As a part of updating platform we decided to make visual and usability overhaul for the product.

The main challenge was the age of the product and how it was build. The features was adding during 8 years, without any logic and grouping. The product became full of bloatware, controls, menus and buttons and desperately needed visual tune-up. Also because of the size of a product it was impossible to redevelop it completely at once.

UI was optimised to fit the mobile devices

As result, validated, prototyped and ready to development solution has been delivered. Next iteration is planing in parallel with back-end development. Main focus for next iteration - visual design for particular courses content.

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